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please note: My blog is only my self photography work. I work with many mediums such as, painting, fashion design, set design, poetry, sculpting and performance arts.

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Anonymous asked: Love your stuff!! You should do something will skulls xo

Thank you sweetness :)

Anonymous asked: I love your work, I'm truly inspired to be honest.

Thank you, God bless

Two Suns In The Sunset

One of These Days

Anonymous asked: Are you in a relationship ? (Please forgive me for asking)

Yes… Who are you? Lol

Ocean Spirits Folklore 

The Truth About Flying

moumyy asked: You. are. amazing.

no, no. you are.

iidvicious asked: I LOVE YOU

I love you. what a sweetie. thank you for the re-blogs.

Fruits of God

Justice for our Souls

Anonymous asked: You're so artistic! I'm into photography and you could say...I'm just at the initial stage. I don't expect myself to be amazing like you, but could you maybe one day just teach me all the picture effects and all? You might laugh, but all I know how to do is blur the background of a picture. And that doesn't take a genius to figure that out because it's part of the camera feature. I don't know anything about photoshop or any of that sort. What do you suggest be the first step for me?

Thanks! We all started with whatever we had, even if it seemed like it was nothing… practice is key of course as well as getting out of your usual “box”, like experimenting with different lenses to achieve new effects. You can learn photoshop on your own (like I did) by simply playing around with the tools… or even google/youtube some tips. To use your camera on manual mode you need to understand shutter speed, aperture and ISO. That way you can also control the lighting of your photographs (example; making an image you took at night look like it was taken during the day). My biggest suggestion to you for now is to expand your vision by taking in a lot of art along with stepping deeper into your mind so you can slowly develop your own style and continue to grow/change as a photographer. Good luck with your art :)

My first video on the creative process of my photoshoot “Knockin On Heavens Door”

Knockin’ On Heavens Door

Knockin’ On Heavens Door

We all Fly

in our own

Open Cages

And someday’s

We are Free

to Fly in each others